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Avenue Supermarts Ltd

NameAvenue Supermarts Ltd
CapitalizationLarge Cap
Peer ComparisionClick here

Should you buy as per the technical Analysis?

Stock is on an sideways consolidation from 2021 onwards after a quick run-up. Trading at a high valuations of over 100 with flattish revenue and sales growth, we are not very excited to invest in here for long term. Avenue supermart comes with associated risks and should be avoided as per our understandings.
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Should you buy as per the Fundamental Analysis?

Avenue Supermarts Ltd scores in the mid range when it comes to fundamental scores. we would like to bring to your notice that the sales growth has not been very impressive lately and lacks when compared with the sector leaders. Read our blog to understand more about the retail sector and associated potential.

Taking a closer look at Avenue Supermarts Ltd, it is evident that the company is fairly overvalued at present. Investors are advised to wait till the time valuations come to reasonable levels. Want to create an alert over this company? click here to do so.

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Please note that the code has been updated with the revised company name, “Avenue Supermarts Ltd,” and the corresponding stock symbol, “BSE:AVENUESUPE,” in the TradingView widgets.