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Bajaj Finance

NameBajaj Finance Ltd
SectorFinancial Services
CapitalizationLarge Cap
Buy/SellFair valuations
Peer ComparisionClick here

Should you buy as per the technical Analysis?

Bajaj finance is one such stock that has given consistent returns over the last couple of decades. Stock moved up from 5 rupees to over 7800 rupees just within 20 years. But, the question remains – is the stock still a good pick to buy despite all that run up in the past?
Stock trades at a high PE of 40 when compared with the industry average. One can hold the stock for a probable return of over 10-15% an year, but expecting same multifold returns wont be very practical here.

Should you buy as per the Fundamental Analysis?

Bajaj Finance Ltd scores high for the Fundamental strength. The company is well positioned for further growth and is infact consistently growing its revenues. As India grows to be a matured economy, we anticipate more people to lend money from the formal sector, giving a favourable platform for Bajaj Finance to grow on.