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Bharti Airtel

NameBharti Airtel Ltd
CapitalizationLarge Cap
Peer ComparisionTelecommunications

Should you buy as per the technical Analysis?

With Jio getting listed in the market in the coming months, Bharti Airtel is set to get a good competition when it comes to investor’s interests in the telecom sector.
Airtel is relatively doing better for the market competition when compared to a couple of years ago when the sector was dominated by Reliance Jio. But, we still advise our investors to stay away or be cautious from this stock due to stiff competition in this sector.

Should you buy as per the Fundamental Analysis?

Bharti Airtel Ltd scores decent on the fundamental scale. However, the company does have debt, as are other companies in the sector. As per our analysis, the outlook remains favourable if the investment horizon is long.

Taking a closer look at Bharti Airtel Ltd, it’s evident that the company is fairly undervalued considering the growth rate it has been exhibiting. Check out the list of other juicy stocks to gain manifold returns.
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