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Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

NameMaruti Suzuki India Ltd
CapitalizationLarge Cap
Peer ComparisionClick here

Should you buy as per the technical Analysis?

Stock is on an up move from 2020 post the first Covid wave. Rising from 27 rupees to a high of 500 recently. Turning out to be a multibaggar. however, we suggest you to have a closer look at the bullishness on different time scales to pick your entry point.
We have been covering Maruti Suzuki India Ltd from the lows of 280.

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Should you buy as per the Fundamental Analysis?

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd scores absolutely high for the Fundamental strength. The company has negligible debt and generates high cash flow. Having over 500 crores of excess cash in the books is another reason to pay attention to this large cap automobile company.
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We calculate the fair value for the stock at 1200 rupees, click on the report to get detailed insights.