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SectorHospitality sector
CapitalizationSmall Cap
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Should you buy as per the technical Analysis?

Mumbai, India serves as the headquarters of the multinational pharmaceutical company Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, also known as Sun Pharma. It produces and distributes active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and pharmaceutical formulations in over 100 nations worldwide. With global sales of more than US$ 5.1 billion, Sun Pharma is the fourth-largest specialty generic pharmaceutical company in the world. With the backing of over 40 production sites, Sun Pharma supplies over 100 countries worldwide with high-quality, reasonably priced medications that are respected by both patients and medical professionals.

Should you buy as per the Fundamental Analysis?

Additionally, Sun Pharma is funding the study and creation of novel chemical entities (NCEs). Drugs classified as NCEs have not yet received marketing approval. NCEs are being developed by Sun Pharma for use in oncology, cardiology, and CNS disorders, among other therapeutic areas.

Sun Pharma has several interesting candidates in their NCE portfolio. For several of its NCEs, the company is presently conducting clinical trials. In order to develop and market its NCEs, Sun Pharma is also looking into joint ventures with other pharmaceutical firms.

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