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Wipro Ltd

NameWipro Ltd
SectorInformation Technology
CapitalizationLarge Cap
Peer ComparisionClick here

Should you buy as per the technical Analysis?

Wipro is struggling recently after the covid rally. We advise you to not expect too much from the stock. the pipeline is drying up, limited new projects and struggling on the front of expansion. Stock price was hammered down brutally and has not recovered ever since. Unless theres some major change in the company fundamentals, we advise you to stay away from wipro and put your money someplace else.

Should you buy as per the Fundamental Analysis?

The fundamentals here look okay on the paper. Likewise, other IT companies wipro has almost zero debt, has profitability on the sheets and a decent growth trajectory. But, the sector demands more as there are many other companies doing much better than Wipro. AI and ML are the themes of future, here as well we dont see too much of participation from wipro. The valuations are low and are very attractive on paper, but remember, whats the guarantee that wipro will start moving up as soon as you buy it for the fact the stock is at same place from last 2 years now.