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EaseMyTrip to focus on the corporate employees after collobration with Zaggle wallet



New Delhi, February 28, 2024 – Big news for the investors of Ease my Trip! EaseMyTrip, a top name in travel tech in India, is teaming up with Zaggle, a smart company that makes spending money easier for businesses. Together, they’re making a new way to handle travel and money stuff all in one place. For those of you working in the corporate world, Zaggle wallet should be a well known name.

Travel Meets Money Management

EaseMyTrip knows travel. Zaggle knows money management. Put them together, and you’ve got a super team helping businesses book trips and handle expenses without a headache. This means if you’re traveling for work, you can book your flight, stay, and even your cab rides all while keeping track of how much you’re spending, all thanks to this partnership.

Making Work Trips Easier

This new team-up is all about making life simpler for companies and their employees who travel. With a few clicks, you can plan your trip, book what you need, and keep an eye on your spending. No more juggling different apps or drowning in paper receipts. It’s all about saving time, money, and stress.

Why Everyone’s Excited

Rikant Pittie, the big boss at EaseMyTrip, is thrilled. He says this partnership is all about making work trips smoother and keeping tabs on costs. It’s a big step forward in making travel easier in today’s fast-moving world.

Avinash Godkhindi, the head of Zaggle, is just as excited. He believes that together with EaseMyTrip, they’re going to make complicated things simple for businesses everywhere.

What This Means for You

If you’re traveling for work, expect fewer headaches. You’ll book faster, manage expenses easier, and maybe even save some money along the way. It’s all about making your travel experience better.

Looking Ahead

With India’s travel scene booming and expected to reach new heights by 2030, EaseMyTrip and Zaggle are in a great spot to help lots of people. They’re all set to roll out new ideas that will make business trips something to look forward to. Just the last month we covered EaseMyTrip when they decided to jump into the Insurance Sector. It looks as if the company is on an expansion mode.

About EaseMyTrip

EaseMyTrip has been helping people book flights and hotels without any extra fees since 2008. They’re one of India’s biggest travel platforms, helping millions of travelers every year.

About Zaggle

Zaggle is a cool company from 2011 that helps businesses handle their money better. They work with lots of companies, big and small, making sure everyone’s spending smart.

If you’re traveling for work, keep an eye on EaseMyTrip and Zaggle. They’re about to make your life a lot easier. Happy travels!


Microcap Stock Jaipur Kurti Expands Through Franchise Partnership



Jaipur Kurti, a revered women’s wear brand under Nandani Creation Ltd., charts an expansion course via a pivotal partnership with Franchise India. This transformative alliance aims to establish 75 new stores across India, redefining the retail landscape.

About Nandani Creation Ltd.

Nandani Creation Ltd., the visionary force behind Jaipur Kurti, has been reshaping Indian fashion since its 2012 inception. The brand, acclaimed for Jaipur Kurti and Amaiva lines, operates through online platforms, a mobile app, and retail outlets across diverse cities.

Franchise Alliance: Revamping Retail Dynamics

Partnering with Franchise India signifies a significant shift for Jaipur Kurti. These new stores won’t just exhibit their signature designs; they’ll offer tailored styling consultations, transforming the retail experience for customers.

Strategic Expansion: Diverse Geographical Reach

The chosen regions for expansion—Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, West Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand—underscore a comprehensive approach, catering to diverse demographics and venturing into untapped markets.

Reducing Third-Party Reliance: Boosting Retail Autonomy

Jaipur Kurti’s vision extends beyond expansion; it’s about fostering retail autonomy. By lessening reliance on third-party ecommerce platforms, the brand aims for increased revenue and a more immersive shopping journey.

Chairman’s Vision: Empowering Fashion Choices

Mr. Anuj Mundhra, Chairman & Managing Director of Nandani Creation Limited, expresses enthusiasm for this collaboration. For him, it’s about empowering customers, making collections more accessible, and celebrating the elegance of Indian attire through this strategic venture with Franchise India.

Stock price forecast for Jaipur Kurti

Jaipur Kurti, identified as a microcap stock, hasn’t displayed promising trends in its charts over the past year. The absence of a PE ratio indicates it’s not currently profitable. Predicting its future price from the charts is challenging due to this and the unimpressive patterns. We hope Jaipur Kurti becomes profitable soon, possibly aligning with Modi Ji’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. Remember, this isn’t suggesting you buy or sell stocks.

jaipur kurti price target

Why to invest in microcap stocks?

Investing in microcap stocks can offer unique opportunities for growth. Moreover, these smaller companies like Jaipur Kurti, often overlooked, have potential for substantial gains as they’re yet to be noticed by most investors. While they carry higher risks due to their size and volatility, their ability to adapt quickly and potentially become the next big thing in the market is what draws some investors. It’s like discovering hidden gems—there’s a chance for significant returns, but it’s essential to do thorough research and understand the associated risks before diving in.

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